Class 10 Outline

Federal Headship and the Doctrine of Justification Outline

Ø Federal headship (covenant headship) and Romans 5:12-21
· Death producing union between Adam and those he represents
o Adam’s sin legally imputed to his posterity
o Reason all mankind suffer the curse of the God’s law
· Life producing union between Christ and those He represents
o Christ’s perfect righteousness legally imputed to all united to Christ by true faith
o Basis for justification of all united to Christ by true faith
· God relates to all men through either the headship of Adam or the headship of Jesus Christ

Ø Sin is not taken into account when there is no law
· Mt. Sinai includes a collective Covenant of Works with blessings and curses specific to Israel and their existence in land of Canaan
o Covenant curses/blessings contingent on Israel’s obedience to God’s Law
o Prior to Mt. Sinai God did not impose these curses on the nation of Israel
· Genesis Flood a unique event
o Picture of final eschatological judgment
o Redemptive event – picture of salvation for God’s people through Jesus Christ

Ø Further evidence
· Israel’s sin not taken into account before Mt. Sinai
o Marah (Exodus 15)
o Grumbling about food (Exodus 16)
o Rephidim (Exodus 17)
· After Mt. Sinai
o Plague because of golden calf (Exodus 32:35)
o Likewise Adam’s posterity suffer consequences of Adam’s sin after fall

Ø Reign of death
· Sin in world before Law of Moses because of imputation of Adam’s sin
· Romans 5:14

Ø A new federal head and the reign of righteousness
· Galatians 4:4-5
· Romans 5:19

Ø Contrast relating to enemies under Mosaic theocratic economy and the non-theocratic common grace economy

Ø Why men are hard wired for law