Class 9 Outline

Class Nine
The Principle of the Two Seeds
Genesis 3:15
Ø  Relationship between serpent and humanity
·         Structure of the Hebrew sentence
·         Noun form used 5 times in O.T. – hostility resulting in murder
·         New world order
Ø  3 stages of the conflict
·         First stage conflict between serpent and woman
·         Second stage both seeds exist within humanity
o   Hebrew word for seed usually refers to lineage
o   Spiritual descendants of Satan
o   Spiritual descendants of God
o   Conflict throughout redemptive history
·         Third stage conflict between serpent and Messiah
o   Jesus Christ the fulfillment of promise in Gen. 3:15
o   Luke 4 – wilderness temptation of Jesus
o   Revelation 12 – battle between Satan and Jesus
o   Satan defeated through death and resurrection of Jesus
Ø  Lens through which scripture is read
Ø  External pressure on the church
·         Peace with world
·         Culturally relevant
Discussion questions:
1.      What is your initial reaction to the idea that there are two seeds within humanity?
2.      How does the two-seed principle relate to what we have learned about the Covenant of Redemption and the Covenant of Grace?
3.      Discuss the two-seed principle in relationship to courting and marriage.
4.      Discuss the two-seed principle in relationship to some of the agenda’s (cultural relevance) which find their way into the church.
Suggested reading:  Berkof’s manual pages 135-150